What I Want To Achieve This 2014

Written over 10 years ago

The silence of the morning makes it a perfect time to write something up.

I honestly started to write something negative but I realized that it won’t do me any good, I guess? So I cleared everything up and instead why not make a list of the things I want to achieve this 2014. This isn’t a new years resolution but just a list of the things I would like to work on. Hey, it seems like I quite enjoy writing now compared before. Hmm, to prove you that, this was a week’s ago post – The Things I Learned This Year 2013.

Okay, let’s get started.

Read A Book

I don’t read books with all honesty. And if someone’s gonna ask me, “What’s the last book you’ve last read?”. All maybe I can think of are those stories of Cinderella, Snow White and some other fairy tales which most children love. Well, I just started reading a book by Dale Carnegie titled How to Win Friends and Influence People and I realized that reading is actually fun. Aside from that, it adds value to yourself based from the things you learn. And then most importantly is to how you apply those things into your life. Wow. How I wish I have started this when I was young!

Focus. Be Better

My 2012 was a failure, well maybe not totally. I have said a thousand times or more than that to be better – on myself, my work, my family, my whole life. I did from the start but in the long run I went back the old me. I don’t know if it’s bad or it must be really just not good at all to be contented at the moment. Why is it that others push more? Are these guys the one’s successful in the long run? For me, I don’t know but the problem here is myself. So today as I’m writing this, I will focus on what’s important and prioritize on my goals and the things I want to achieve. This is for the better. So help me God.

Get Real

Get real? Yeah, and now that I said it. I guess it’s about time to get to live the life I want. I’ve been holding and deferring this thing off for more than a year until now. Sometimes, we need to leave a room and step outside to find a new one that’ll welcome us. Life must be really like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you get. Until I don’t make a move here, that one idle Monday might come and I will still be thinking about this all the time and realized that my life had past fly already. I don’t want that, so this is it, I guess. Wish me luck and God may help me. Thank you!

Love And Relationship

I admit I had been looking for this but it seems I’m just not your lucky guy who’s going to have one. Not just once but twice I have liked someone who’m who are already in a relationship. Sad but true. It’s alright though for it wasn’t their fault, really. I guess it boils down to me. So I guess I’m deleting this one on the list and change things from now on. If it will come, it will. I would also like to believe that God might have some sort of purpose as to why or this is just the fate I have. Either of those, I’m happy myself and that’s for sure.

Meet New Real People

You heard that right. Ahm, I’m not an introvert as you may think. But I guess I lack on this part as well. Yes, I got friends but mostly they are really in a close circle. Why not meet new people? And when I said real ones, I want them to know personally and talk to them, hangout with them, know their interests and get going with them as much as possible. But how? Hmm. I can think of joining free-causes, organizations and etc. It must be really great and it’s something I’m so excited. Wow.

I guess that’s all for now. This is really a well spent morning to be able to finish this up. What else can I ask for? The feeling is just wonderful.

If there’s something you wish to add? Or suggest? React? Or whatever sort of thing? Feel free to let me know on the comments below. I love you and really thanks for reading!