Hi, I'm Dorell James!


Full Stack Developer
Cebu City, Philippines

Your average guy that can do both frontend and backend! 😅

I also lead / co-lead different tech communities here in Cebu namely Laravel Cebu, React Cebu and JavaScript Cebu. I work together with these ever so passionate and amazing people who relentlessly share and dedicate their time in bringing these events - meetups, workshops and more for the benefit of the community. 💯

If we ever get the chance to meet, please say hi! 😊

Talks, Workshops & Events

I also give talks and conduct workshops as a way to share back to the community. You can also see all the events I've been into here.

No upcoming events at the moment...😊


Here are some useless things I've built. Who knows, it might be a treasure for you or anyone, right?

Get In Touch

Plese feel free to ping me anytime or reach me through any channel below: