Case Study - Stackshift

Composable Content and Commerce Out-of-the-Box Now Possible in a Seamless Interface

Integrated Web Solutions Development


In 2016, the company adopted and built webites moving forward using the static approach and became one of the early adopters of the JAMstack. This has continued to serve them well and they were able to deliver quality websites and applications to their clients.

From roots, to spike, to Gatsby, and then Next.js, hundreds of websites have been built and deployed.

The company had a fair amount of success with this approach.

After doing all of learnings and experience throughout the years, they then decided to build a platform where they could easily build websites and applications for their clients. They wanted to do this in a way that was seamless and easy to use. They also wanted to be able to handle all the content and commerce needs of the company and its clients.

Stackshift (formerly DXP Studio) is a platform that allows them to build websites and applications through its concept of components and its variations.

What I did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • CMS (
  • SEO
  • Payments (Stripe)
  • Forms (Serverless/Microservice)
  • Infrastructure

Working with Dorell has been nothing but pleasure. He made this product available to everyone today and has been used all throughout our clients.

Philippe B.
CEO of WebriQ

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