For The Next Year And Now

Written about 10 years ago

Seems like nothing has really changed until now; something significant I can consider.

Why? I am stuck into this loop of mediocrity. And let’s simply put that the things I’m doing are not of a time well spent.

What makes it so hard to get out of this? It’s simple, I think most people wanted an easy life. Easy is comfortable. And if you haven’t know, it’s what we do most of the time and that’s what we are designed to favor. Nobody wants to starve and fast if you’ve got plenty of food unless if you have to. Nobody wants to jog or spend time walking if you can watch TV at home unless your doctor says so.

Now, let’s look at a bigger picture. Let’s say I wanted to own a big house. I will then look at my current job, how much I am paid, my expenses and etc. And then I’ll assess things and say my goal is quite high to achieve at the moment. So what I do next? It’s either I’m stuck and not overly think things out and/or reset my goals for the meantime. And that’s a STOP.

And later, under certain circumstances or under a blue moon.

I’ll ask myself once again, what do I want with my life? I’ll think of my goals once again. I’ll look and assess myself once again. And boom, I’ll have no answer. Damn it.

This my friend is the loop of mediocrity for me. For the simple reason of choosing to do comfortable things even if you wanted something more made things stay the same as usual as it is.

There’s a difference between want and need. And let’s say, want is something you can live today or more probably for the next days even if you don’t act on it. But a need tells that you might not survive today if you don’t do something about it. And you keep doing and doing and doing the same thing because it’s easy, comfortable and pleasurable. And you might think, yeah, this is how I should compensate myself for the hard work I’ve done. But sorry, you really have it backwards.

“Need” is a motivation factor. I for once is a living testimony. I was assessed of an illness and was advised to really lose weight. And with this certain need, doing the change and strongly willed to obey it religiously, I lose weight. It’s a thing I never imagined but it had opened my eyes that if you wanted something or needed something so badly, you’ll be able to achieve it.

This should be the same to you my friends. It’s just it isn’t easy especially if only “want” things. But might wanting it so badly make a change, right?

To make you feel that you’re not alone in a journey, I will tell you that I am into this new job where almost everything to me is new. And this is more than out of my comfort zone but as they say, it’s where the magic happens right? So when I thought of accepting the job, I just told myself, “why not?”.

And so for the next year and now, this is the promise I am keeping to myself. I will change and will learn to prioritize what’s my needs, my wants, what’s urgent and sort things out in the run. For sure things won’t go easy but if I wanted this so badly, I’ll get it.

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Photo credits: AlleySang