At 23 – Living In The Moment

Written almost 11 years ago

I’m living in the moment. I’m living my life. Just taking it easy. With peace in my mind. I got peace in my heart. I got peace in my soul. Oh, wherever I’m going, I’m already home. – Jason Mraz, Living In The Moment

Just hit the key and write something…

I would like to extend my warm gratitude to all who made my 23rd birthday truly one a kind. I can’t find more words to describe how happy I am to celebrate the day spending quality time with my family, friends and loved ones. I really really really appreciate everything.

To mention some below:

My family

It’s always been you guys who’s giving me the strength to move forward and served as my inspiration in life. Know that I’ll do anything for you. There are just some things that are beyond my control and I wish I could change that but I just can’t. Still, I’m hoping for the very best. I love you guys so much.

NCR friends & colleagues

Certainly I didn’t just accidentally meet you guys for I believe God has put me in the right place to know you more and be part of a family where LOVE is the center. We have our ups and downs, the stress, the pressure, problems and just everything but we all have proven that sticking together is the best way to go through it all. And honestly, you were all the very reason I still choose to stay at NCR. Surely you were part my life.

My friends

Of course to mention all your names is pretty tiresome but if you believe in yourselves that you are part in here, then you are truly my friend; I know you do. Thank you and I do hope you continue to be all nice. And in case you every need my help, remember that I can be a helping hand sometimes.

Once again, I thank you with all my heart. Up up up – living in the moment. ♥