The Things I Learned This Year 2013

Written over 10 years ago

Few hours from now we’re all be welcoming a new year. It’s the very first NEW thing that’ll come to our lives. But before looking forward to something new, let me share to you the things that happened to me this year; some of which are the lessons I learned this year 2013.

Be Kind No Matter What

Be kind to anyone because you never know that you’re the only one’s doing it for them. That’s quite simple right? When we don’t expect things in return, we’re doing it right. I remember my instructor once told us,

You’re heart is made for happiness.

Up until now I certainly believe it’s true and this what I tell most to the people I know. If we can give a little, why not? If we can give more, then what holds us?

I am not the happiest man in the world but I know how to share happiness in my own little ways. Money isn’t everything I tell you. It’s our efforts that makes us feel good when things go well, and it’s our efforts on doing something for others than can bring happiness. So be good (always), okay?

Be Always Better

The sad truth about life is that most people have you because either they need you or you’re nice to have around. Being nice, good and etc. doesn’t guarantee anything. If you’re one of those people who’s having a hard time determining their worth then I tell you that you’re still not good enough. Nobody’s perfect. Being mediocre or miserable is comfortable. But being better is not, and that’s why people fail. Most of the time, they find themselves alone, stuck on this. And out of desperation pushes themselves into these easy pleasures like vices, gambling and etc. Now, let me tell you that I consider myself mediocre at the moment. I don’t give a ____ about what you think but I instead focus myself on becoming better. And so you are…

Forget About The Drama

Forget about the world being unfair! Because if you do, you’ll be entirely disappointed of your life.

We’re all also stuck in what I call “Drama” – negatives, lost hopes and disappointments in a loop repeating itself and that we wished it was better. Most can’t get over this because negativity is strong enough to get past with. The good news is, as long as we try to lift ourselves and move on then we’re good to go. Most people give up because the results are taking too long but they haven’t realized the process itself is what makes them better. Now, my life like yours isn’t perfect and that I wished it wasn’t like this and there are lots of time I caught myself into nothing and it seems my life is going to nowhere but then even if until now I still don’t know the answer as to why I live, I keep moving on. So as you…

Stop Making Excuses, Just DO It!

You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good – Jerry West

Right? It’s pretty straightforward yet why do we fail? Some because they don’t even start, others get lost and stop in the middle of the process, and there are some who just don’t know. I know you’ve got a lot of plans. So, why not write those in a piece of paper – basically the things you need or want to do? Now, if you haven’t realize, these things you just wrote are the things that’ll make you a better person; the things that’ll actually bring happiness to your life and will somehow affect other people in a positive way. So what holds you now?

I learned that we’re all brought into different situations and we tend to choose the comfortable things over what’s important. But if we learn to prioritize things and set aside the simple pleasures of life, then I’m sure you’ll thank me in the future.

Talking About Failure

Failure is indeed a subject most people hate. Why? Failure, rejection, disappointments are all part of our lives.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default. – JK Rowling

So embrace failure, the important thing there is that you learned and that contributes to you becoming a better person. I learned that in life we’re not afraid of failure, loss of income and/or loss of status but it’s the judgment and ridicule of others. Why would you care? This is your life, our lives. Focus instead of becoming better. Set your goals high and achieve it.

And so these are the things I learned this year 2013. How about yours? If you have something you can share then I’ll be glad if you can share it as well. Cheers for 2014. Thank you. Happy New Year.