The Prince Story

Written about 11 years ago

Tonight I’m going to tell you a story. Know that I’m not good at storytelling, so please bear with me.

Here we go…

Once upon a time, there was a young prince searching for something; a thing which he himself didn’t even know what it is but he feels that it’s something that could make him really happy. And so he tried looking for this thing in any place he know but he just couldn’t find it.

A day came, the prince’s close friend told him to get some time knowing this young lady. The prince thought of it for a second and then decided saying, “ahm, why not?”. It didn’t took a while for this young prince to meet this young lady. The first time they met each other wasn’t really a good time knowing that this young lady was sick. She looked pale and weary that time but later after the conversation, the prince knew to himself that this young lady is someone worth knowing more. And so, this young prince did the things he could to know more about this young lady. Later on, they get along even with the little time they had each day. Without further ado, this young lady became the young prince’s princess. She became special to her and treated her the way a princess should be. Though her princess may not have everything but for the prince, she’s everything. And before the prince realized, he was already in LOVE. His feelings grew more and more each moment they spend time with each other. The prince was totally happy and that he’s hoping that her princess feels the same happiness too.

One day, the prince had the courage to tell and confess everything to this young lady – her princess. Unfortunately, it didn’t turned out well. The perfect love story you could have thought of didn’t made its happy ending and so in other words, they didn’t made it for some reasons. Reasons which the prince understood and thought of well. He knew a lot of things that day but it didn’t stopped him for staying and being her prince. Instead of letting her go, the opposite happened and the prince’s feelings reached the height of the skies.

It was really an unfortunate turn of events that they were separated by an incident which the prince had no choice but to let her go for the moment. He asked himself,

“If I didn’t let her go, would it make a difference?”

“If I fought for her, would she come with me and spend heaven and hell just to be with me?”

“Will she willing to give up everything?”.

But then, the prince realized that the answers to those questions at that moment were simply a “NO”. This is what he believed based on how the things turned out. He was sad, really sad. He was hurt so much more than he could hardly imagine. He had sleepless nights, a head always full with random thoughts and a heart shaking for the things it’s trying to shout.

He said then to himself, “maybe it’s really not the right time or maybe we really aren’t meant to be”.

And still keep believing and stick with the following below:

“I am choosing to do this for I believe this would be better.”

“No, I’ll not cause any trouble and let time do its duty.”

“And so I’ll wait for the time, if it’ll come, it’ll come.”

“And if I am destined to be with my princess, I will.”

_Searching for an end? It’s still not yet done. To be continued… Just finished making the second part, go ahead and read it.

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