The Prince Story II – Now Where Are We?

Written about 10 years ago

How’s things? Well to answer you, nothing’s really changed.

No progress? Not really.

There were actually two events that’s somehow worth remembering for the prince. Let’s go into detail below…

The first one took last quarter of last year. It was a good night and a huge amount of people gathered to watch live performances of their favorite bands. If there’s one thing that the prince will not really forget that night, it’s the fact that he was able to hug her princess so tight and mean them without uttering a word. And everything that night seems to be really perfect. It’s a night he can describe as “night full of hugs and happy heart”.

The second one took just recently, it’s a night he can call “some things align so well”. The prince was really excited that day. Yes, they (the prince and the princess) met each other and had a good talk for quite some time. Suddenly and caught by surprise, the prince’s close friend came and for the prince that was really cool. Later on, they hangout simply by enjoying the view of the stars while having a few drinks and the best part which was the Question and Answer (Q&A) made the night complete with bright colors.

The interesting part is when the prince noticed something; though only the princess can validate if it were all true. The prince doubts that what he knew long before was still true for the circumstances that night might had proven it well.

Now the prince’s thoughts wander like a stranger who never really had a home. And his thoughts were like at war trying to win something unreal. Hopefully one day, there’s something bright waiting at the end. But where are we really now?

To be continued… And here it ends and a new beginning

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