Take What You Need & Share It! :)

Written about 11 years ago

Earlier this year, I made this kind of thing where I wrote some words arranged vertically on a piece of paper and cut in between each word so as it would be easily grab by anyone and put it on my cubicle where people could easily see it and grab them. The original idea came from a post in Google+ and it was just simply about “taking what you need” but then I realize that it would be better that if they take one, why not share it? They might not be the only one who needs it at the moment, right? Or they’ll be some other one who’ll need it in the future. And so I added the the words, “share it“, making it “Take What You Need & Share It” as shown in the picture.

My intention that time was for a little sort of  fun I guess. I never really would know that there will be some who will really take one of these items and make or thought of it as real thing. Well of course, there would be some who’ll do the opposite but it don’t matter to me as my experience didn’t happened to be like that fortunately.

Today, out from eight words; originally “LOVE“, “FORGIVENESS“, “FAITH“, “PATIENCE“, “FREEDOM“, “PEACE” and “STRENGTH“, we’re now left with “FORGIVENESS“. Why is this so? I don’t know for sure but I’m glad thinking that most people are in good terms and they’re not into some sort of resentment. Hehe.

Let me tell you how each word have gone its way and some stories about it…

“PATIENCE” or forbearing. This was the first word which was grabbed by our manager named Paolo. It was a whole group meeting that time with the teams / people he managed and coached and I didn’t really expected him as to be the first one to get said thing. He then started the introducing himself and quote of how he get said word. He showed it to the whole group and asked, “Why patience?” He answered, “I need patience to be able to manage well you guys“. Well, I can’t remember the exact words he said afterwards but I guess that’s the whole thought of his explanation to the group.

“FAITH” or confidence or trust or maybe some sort of belief. It was still our manager who got the said thing out. I asked him in a joking manner, “Why faith?“. He then replied**, “I have faith in you!”.** Overly surprised and never thought that the answer would be something like that and it was on me. “He have faith on me? Why?” And then I remembered that we had a meeting with him on some sorts of accusations against me and my friends of the things we did inside the company which are against the rules. I don’t want to point the person behind and I don’t want to accuse someone which makes me no different with him/her who tapped our manager and told lies about us. Period…

“MONEY”, simply the thing which people want to have some or even much. Practically speaking, money makes a difference but for sure it isn’t everything. It was me who get this, I’m really broke that time and haven’t had the money in order to pay rents, electricity bills, credit card balances and etc. I don’t know but it somehow helped me get along with the situation that time. I remember I even posted a thing on Google+ regarding my situation and asked for help. Well I’m glad and moved that there are actually some people really willing to help you out; either by giving suggestions or even giving you what you really need.

“FREEDOM”, simply the total ability to make things out from your own will. I wasn’t able to really know why Jay Sam got this word out. Maybe there’s something we really wanted to get out off. I don’t know but I hope he was able to find what he’s looking for.

“STRENGTH”, this is the second time around me getting one. Now you know that I’m really in need of a lot of things. Hehe. Well, I’m really having a tough time as I remember it. Those times when you feel of being bored and there are some disappointments, worries for the things to come and some sort of dismay of the things. Well, you know those sort of things and I bet you too have some. Still thankful that I’m able to step one foot forward no matter how hard the challenges in life. It’s just I guess about the matter of going on and still be happy for the things you have around.

“LOVE”, the feeling of affection. The thing that makes the world go round. I don’t know why Karlo took this one, I’m not sure why and when I asked him. He didn’t even replied and just smiled without saying anything. Makes me think…

“PEACE”, it was Analyn who took this one. She was the only person who respectively asked me if I could get really one. And I guess she really need that one. I don’t know why but I think it’s something personal for she didn’t shared the reason to me. I respect that though. And I just hope things to work out well for her.

Lastly “FORGIVENESS”, no one dared to get this one. Still waiting…

The experience I get from this is worth it. I know now that people really need some things and even just a representation of something they need can help them. It don’t matter if it’s not the real thing but the thought there is that they know what they need and for sure why they need it. I guess it lighten up there hearts somehow getting the thing they needed even if it’s just a mere representation of the reality they really needed. I know with the love and care of other people, we’ll be able to change the world even just with our small acts of kindness. So, share the love… It’s what makes the world a better place.

And lastly,

“You can’t always get what you want, but.. Take What You Need and Share it <3”