Short Trip Going Home

Written over 10 years ago

Today is the first time I was able to go out of the office early. Twenty minutes past five in the afternoon is when I took off the building and walked down to wait for a short trip going home. Well, it’s just like my normal days but the only thing that’s new is the time I’m going home which is quite early in my case. Minutes and more minutes had passed but still nothing and the waiting just gets worse than I initially thought. And so I decided to walk back and took the other route I used to when I go home.

While walking and seeing the night nearly setting down, I couldn’t stop myself thinking about a lot of things. Some things that made me wonder, some things that I can’t find answers for quite some time now and some matters that somehow affect me not in a positive way. But there’s one great thing that I came to realize at that moment.

If you follow the flow, surely you will get to where you might want to be but if you take yourself out, you’ll find things are simply amazing when you’re the one steering the wheel.

The logic is simple. If I simply waited there and just waited until I’ll be able to get a ride going home then things will be pretty plain simple and yes surely I’ll reach my destination but it’s this decision I made to settle out and walk down the road, enjoy the night sat down, let my eyes wander to the things I haven’t seen for a while and my heart rejoice for the joy I feel at the moment which made things totally different. It’s truly amazing and I thank God for this short trip going home that I learned something memorable and might be worth sharing to others.