Written about 10 years ago

When I was young, I was quite certain that I really wanted to be an architect but that didn’t happened. Instead I became an engineer – a software engineer and a web developer. Up to date, I love my job. I love my family. I love my friends. I love the people around me, and most of all I love myself. But wait, I’m too fine and happy.

On the other side, I can’t help but recall the past before I came to where I am right now. I know we all had our own sad experiences in life; those struggles and hardships that we almost thought we couldn’t surpassed but hey, we’ve made it through and it taught us to be strong and understand that life goes on for the better.

Now, if you’ve reached this point and still reading, please thank yourself.

But if you just can’t, I am the one who’ll say…

“Thanks for being awesome!”.

Life’s simple joys come within us. The little thought of happiness makes our day wonderful. The act of love helps others see the beauty of life. Forgiving and letting go makes us free. Believing that whatever happens in life is just a phase and that things should be better soon is what we should always tell ourselves. We all are victors of our own battles so never try and compare your success with anyone else. Lastly, love makes the world go round – a simple act of kindness can totally change anything.

Care to share your thoughts on the comment section below. ‘Til next time. Live your life and don’t just survive. Have a great day!

@dorelljames signing off…