Is Getting Rich Worth It?

Written over 9 years ago

Let’s face it, “who doesn’t want to get rich?”. Well, not maybe all but I believe most would want to. But do you think is getting rich worth it? Most get the idea that money will make their lives easier. While in all honesty it’s true, there are really some downsides worth noting that most fail to see.

I am not rich nor getting there; I’m just your average guy living a normal life with problems obviously. So everything that I’ve put here is solely my opinion and some little based on my research. One should consider thinking over it before agreeing and believing. Of course, you are entitled to your own notion, conviction or whatever sort of thing you believe in and I am not in any way against that.

First, one of the only real things being rich gives you is that you don’t have to worry about money as much anymore.

Sounds great right not to worry anymore about most stuff you’ve been worrying before? There will still be some expenses that you cannot afford (and you will wish you could), but most expenses can be made without thinking about what it costs. This is definitely better, without a doubt.

Wealth removes constraints.

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, it depends on the person. In general, it makes people more of whatever they already were. If you’re an asshole, getting more money will probably make you more of an asshole. However, if you have purpose and meaning in your life that goes beyond chasing the Golden Buddha, money can give you the freedom to focus on the things that truly matter to you.

One of the biggest dangers of wealth is that it often causes people to cut themselves off from the larger society, either out of fear or the belief that they are somehow better than others.

We are all one and if money is your only basis then it doesn’t make you any better than the person you’re seeing at streets. It’s innate of a person of having a value for his/her own self-importance but I hope it’s not to the extent of being inconsiderate to others. When we’re entirely focus on our own well-being, sometimes we forget that we have crossed the line and have stepped over others.

“Cry Me A River” but…

You are not allowed to complain about anything, ever! Since most people would imagine you being rich as nirvana, you then are no longer entitled to have any human needs or frustrations in the public eye. You can’t let them see you and that’s why they most probably say that you must fake it or you’ll appear as a loser. After all, you are still a human being but now most people don’t treat you like one.

Most people now want something out of you, and it can be harder to figure out whether someone is being nice to you because they like you, or they are being nice to you because of your money.

At those times when you had nothing, who were there? One, two or three? But certainly not all to the extent of your distant relatives and colleagues right? So, good luck in figuring out who’s true or just after your money. But then if you keep distant, then they’ll probably say that you’ve changed. And so I hope that you’re relationship with people doesn’t get sour; surely it’ll be sour though…

All of the things you picture buying, they are only worthwhile to you because you cannot afford them (or have to work really hard to acquire them).

Maybe you have your eye on a new Audi — once you can easily afford it, it just doesn’t mean as much to you anymore. Everything is relative, and you are more or less powerless to that. Yes, the first month you drive the Audi, or eat in a fancy restaurant, you really enjoy it. But then you sort of get used to it. And then you are looking towards the next thing, the next level up. And the problem is that you have reset your expectations, and everything below that level doesn’t get you quite as excited anymore.

Most people hold the illusion that if only they had more money, their life would be better and they would be happier. Then they get rich, and that doesn’t happen, and it can throw them into a serious life crisis.

If you’re part of the middle class, you have just as many opportunities to do with your life what you want of it. If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy because of money.

Whether you’re rich or not, make your life what you want it to be, and don’t use money as an excuse. Go out there, get involved, be active, pursue your passion, and make a difference.