Written over 9 years ago

It was a wonderful evening as far I can remember it. I can see the laughter and joy in their faces – it must have been because it’s been a long time since they get along with each other. Nonetheless, I am happy to see them and in that very moment, I felt alive.

There’s more to life that I’ll need to discover and learn. Perhaps, I’ve been trying to understand them until now but it seems like they are just those type one can’t simply fathom. I’m glad; it’s that if I can predict their actions then it wouldn’t be interesting to know them. And then, all of these would be just a waste.

Sooner or later, we’ll all have to welcome a new life and it will definitely change everything we have right now. Surely, there’s good about it but it’s just hard for someone like me not to think that there’s not some good stuff that’ll come as well. But I guess there’s just no other way out of it but one must have to look at the bright side and be happy for your friends to hopefully have a good life.

Whether we stay the same as we are right now or not, it would always be a choice. Staying together is not something that can be done overnight but it’s something that can be worked on with faith and perseverance. And though things are more likely not to be headed in that way, I’ll always keep my promise and vow to keep what we have and make things better. After all, they are my friends that I treasure and love.

As I faced that water fountain and closed my eyes to hear the soothing and relaxing sound of water rushing through, it eventually brought peace to my mind and soon let go of a coin and wished.

“For friendship – be happiness with you always my friends.”

And that almost perfect evening ended that way…