For 2019 — Wait This One’s 2018

Written over 5 years ago

They say, don’t share your goals or end up not achieving it.


Life can turn around in an instant

One day, news broke, one of my closest friend got pregnant, not only I was happy, surprised and all but it totally hit me. It made me re-evaluate my whole life in that instant, thinking how they have their whole life going on so well while I am here left alone, still single and for God knows when’s the new chapter of my life’s going to begin. I guess we all have these moments in our lives where some things can no longer stay the way they used to like I mean I’d always imagine a life where your close friends are still hanging out with you but together with our own families to date. That’s really nice to have, right?

Nothing ever good happens after 2 am

This is borrowed from “How I Met Your Daughter” TV Show. There are some things in my life that I regret and one of these is an incident that I can’t share right now. I just hope it will turn out to be okay sooner or later in the future. But the thing here is that, trust me, if you’re still out past 2 am and you have to make a decision, always remember that it’s gonna be costly and consider very well or else, you’ll lose a lot…

Input In, Input Out

You can’t expect life to be better just because you hope that it will be better. In computing, when you input something, you’ll expect an output which is most likely to be the same with what you put in. In life, the same principle applies although not necessarily every time but for the most part, that’s how it is. More is better, and more, more and more is best, you get the idea. Point is unless you do something, you can’t change things if you continue to do what you’ve been always doing. It takes a lot of effort to do the right thing and change.

Wounds From The Past?

Some of us had it rough when we were young. There were incidents in our lives that made us hate things. But I tell you, that’s okay. It’s like me saying, I may not have the family I wish I have right now but the thing is, you’ll get as much of a chance when the time comes when you finally start your own so remember that and don’t waste yours. You can still turn it around.

So yeah, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading this far. So, tell me about your 2018? :)