A Normal Life?

Written over 9 years ago

What are we really up to? Do you think our lives are just plain as what and how it appears? I’ve come to think of this and perhaps I’m right about it; no, it’s true for I can testify it and you can shoot me if I’m wrong about this. It goes with the saying,

if we really really want something, then we’ll do all the hell of effort just to get it.

For me, the lucky one’s are those who have known their purpose for they excel more with those one’s who are just contented on living the life they consider appropriate for them. I thought having these and those stuff just like most people’s normal life would be apt but it’s not really the case and I was wrong. We need to seek out what we really want and shoot the stars for it.

Where’s the happiness in being mediocre and just be contented there? Do you think getting all the risks and trouble worth it? If you’re to ask me, my response would be, “I don’t know”. But is it too bad of idea to go after what you really wanted to and make your dreams come true? The magic happens out of our comfort zone. Make sure you won’t live a normal life imitating someone else’s. You’ve got something you want to achieve and you need to aim for it; excuses not accepted.

But hey, what if after all this time we really haven’t figure out what the hell are we going to do with our life? And yeah you might be asking yourself in fear if it’s not too late for you. That’s scary and I honestly don’t know how I can help you with that for I myself haven’t figure it out yet.

Please let me hear it out with you…