A Good Life

Written almost 10 years ago

My life may not be what I really wanted it to be for I have chose to choose the road that I’m quite confident and have weighed things based on what I consider is the best. I’m not one smart guy that’s able to easily see and take the best route in fulfilling my goals and dreams. I also make quite a lot of mistakes just like every human in this planet. Still, I’m wishing as much as I do to have a good life but what could it be if I were not afraid? What could it be if we’re able to do the things we want?

Who Moved My Cheese?

If you’ve read the story, I think I have to admit that I am much like Hem who can’t move on and is afraid of what could be the life outside – way beyond what I have right now? I may have a good reason that I couldn’t just take that risk because I’m the one bringing food at the table but given this sentiment we can’t answer what life could be if I can do the things I always wanted without anything holding me back?

A Good Life, What is it?

Let’s first understand what a good life is for me. Well, a good life for me is simple as an ordinary life of someone who is free to do the things he/she wants. Given the complexity of life and the reality we’re in, we’ll not be able to achieve total freedom in life. It doesn’t necessarily mean an easy life but definitely just a better life. I’m quite impatient at times and want results immediately but lately I understand that things doesn’t happen overnight.

The Happy Thoughts?

I feel blessed to have happy thoughts in my head yet I feel there’s still something lacking and I know now the answer. It’s the fun I missed of being stuck in a corporate job where I don’t honestly feel exciting anymore. While there are still quite some things that interest me, on the other side I imagine a world of exploration and discoveries and having good minded people who think alike where you learn and share those exciting things around. It’s just totally awesome. I wish I could find that one job that I really wanted to. Be in a enthusiast solid team aiming to create something incredible. And one day, if you meet me somewhere, you’ll recognize me saying, “Hey, you’re the one who created this product X, right?” Wow, wow, wow…

Travel & Do It A Lot

I’m not really that one type of talkative person and I can’t connect deeply with a person in an instant but at least I know to myself that I’m honest and I don’t try to pretend to be anyone else. It might be also due the fact that I lack the experience to talk and share something back. So, if I could travel to wherever I want, it would just totally be awesome. You’ll really gain a lot of new things meeting new people, culture and etc. Wooh!

What I really want?

Well, what I do really want? One tough question that I’m not so sure until now myself. I know I love to code and I am much more inclined with web development compared to software development. Guess, there’s still quite a lot of things that sparks interest in me like Android and would it feel to be ROM developer? What and how does it feel to be able to create a product or an app that a lot of people uses. How does it feel to designed a solid core base solution that everyone adapts? Tell me…

Sing and `Gig

At times I feel sad, I sing a song I even don’t know. That’s true and I sing the thoughts that just comes out my mouth naturally. What could be if I have learned more about the guitar? Learned the piano and a lot more? Wow, singing here and doing gigs from here and there is just totally cool and it rocks!

Now, let’s go back to the reality that I am situated right now. I have probably shared a couple of thoughts that doesn’t matter to you but I’m glad I have come up with those. It makes me feel excited with of the life I could have been. I know it’s not quite late and soon a new journey will come. ‘Til then my friends, see for the next chapter of my life.

A good life is a collection of happy moments – Denis Waitley