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Best and safely update an Array element using @sanity/client -

Here's how you can safely update an Array element of a given field in a Sanity document -

Conditional fields in Array of type Object -

Here's how you can work with conditional fields in array of type object -

Creating my first plugin

I created my very first Sanity plugin and this article details out my experience - the problems I encountered and how I solved them. But yeah, just really scratching my own itch!

Dynamic GROQ Query in JavaScript

As we get to use GROQ more and more, it's inevitable when we get ourselves to situations where we need to construct queries dynamically. Here's how you make dynamic GROQ query in JavaScript.

GROQ - a GraphQL alternative?

Heard of GROQ? How can it be used as an alternative to GraphQL? This article will not only introduce you to GROQ but you'll also learn to hopefully appreciate it. Truly a hidden gem out there!

Everything You Need To Know About Netlify Functions including Background Functions

The announcement of the availability of Background Functions got me so excited that I immediately hopped into it. I even talked about this…

#TIL: React's JSX Default Value

Today I learned about React JSX’s default value. Spoiler alert: when you don't pass a value, it defaults to true

Should You Move On From WordPress?

This is a raw draft of my talk last WordCamp Cebu 2019. If you find mispelling, wrong grammars, and anything else erroneous, please give it a pass.

Laravel Valet Increase Max Upload File Size

Here's how you can increase max upload file size for your Laravel Valet instance.

WordPress Messenger Customer Chat Plugin Releases

WordPress plugin - WPMCCP releases changelog

Solving Mailtrap’s Error 550 (too many emails per second)

Understanding and solving Mailtrap's `error 550 (too many emails per second)`

WordPress Messenger Customer Chat Plugin Installation

Here's how you install WordPress Messenger Customer Chat Plugin in your WordPress site so you can add Facebook's Customer Chat plugin today.

Adding Messenger Customer Chat Plugin To Your WordPress Site

Facebook recently made available in open beta their Messenger Customer Chat Plugin which allows you to integrate your Messenger experience…

Laravel Valet Driver For AbanteCart

Are you using Laravel Valet? I do and I love it for its simplicity, its magic and the fact that it just works. Alright, cool! But actually…

Running Bootstrap Documentation Locally (Portable Way)

Here's how you can get Boostrap documentation in your local machine running offline.

AbanteCart SEO URL’s On Nginx Server

Here's how you can configure AbanteCart with Apache server.

Adding Google Authorship Into Your WordPress Site

Here's how you can quickly add Google Authorship on your site without a need to use a plugin.

Quick Difference (array_merge vs ( array + array ))

Here's how you can merge or add two arrays in PHP without re-indexing their keys

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