Hi, I'm Dorell James! πŸ‘‹

A long long time ago, I helped someone create "3 columns of equal width" on his website. This experience brought me immeasurable amount of joy having completed the job, helped someone and make money for the first time.

I thought it was perfect! But sooner as I grow into doing different things here and there, I realised there's more to just building "3 columns of equal width". πŸ˜…

After working on several more projects, gaining more experience and creating things on my own, I’ve found joy not only in building things I love but also after helping others succeed. Now, I work with a team of highly capable individuals with exceptional talent and competencies, even better than mine to be honest - WebriQ.

Unlike other agencies, or freelancers in the field, we know the process very well and have established a true and tried system to make our clients get what they want. Also, we’re not just one time people you asked to work on something but partners in the business.

I also lead / co-lead different tech communities here in Cebu namely Laravel Cebu, React Cebu and JavaScript Cebu. I work together with these ever so passionate and amazing people who relentlessly share and dedicate their time in bringing these awesome events (meetups, workshops and more) for the benefit of the community. πŸ’―

If we ever get the chance to meet, please say hi or ping me laters!😊